Press Roundup Thursday 17 June 2010

By Press Office
June 17, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Peace & War

Kyrgyzstan killings are attempted genocide, say ethnic Uzbeks
Fractured demographics and economic success of minority underpinned volatile country, say those targeted by mobs.

Israel to ease Gaza blockade... but building supplies remain restricted
Israel is set begin easing its Gaza blockade today in a bid to soothe international fury over its deadly flotilla raid.

Iran raises stakes by announcing four new nuclear reactors
Iran has raised the stakes in its confrontation with the West by declaring it intends to build four new nuclear reactors.

UN to deliver Gaza aid seized by Israel
The United Nations will take to Gaza tons of aid supplies languishing in an Israeli port for two weeks since they were seized in a bloody sea confrontation, the Israeli military said.

Economy & Politics

In future MPs accused of fiddling expenses will face public questioning
MPs could be forced to explain themselves in public when they are accused of fiddling their expenses in future, the parliamentary watchdog today suggests.

MPs demand publicly funded credit card to cover expenses
Grasping MPs showed further contempt for struggling Britons yesterday as they shamelessly demanded a publicly-funded credit card to cover their expenses.

BNP MEPs granted free access to House of Lords
BNP members of the European Parliament, including leader Nick Griffin, will be given free access to part of the Palace of Westminster despite the attempt of MPs to bar them, it was revealed tonight.

Community & Family

Grandparents to win legal right to a role in absent children’s lives
Grandparents are to get sweeping legal rights as part of government plans to put ‘strong, stable and loving families’ back at the heart of British life.

Comment: Nick Clegg Why it's time for families to come first
Childhood is meant to be carefree – a time of discovery, learning and adventure. But for too many children in this country, those early years have become a time of stress, anxiety and insecurity.

Ecology & Environment

Cutting greenhouse gases will be no quick fix for our weather, scientists say
Global warming will continue to bring havoc to the world's weather systems for decades after reductions are made in greenhouse gas emissions, a new study shows.

Comment: Wait. Is using a nuclear bomb so ridiculous?
Serious scientific opinion argues it could stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. But the public wouldn’t stand for it.

Religion & Society

Britain's ambassador to Vatican says civil servants should learn more about religion
Civil servants should learn more about religion, according to Britain’s ambassador to the Vatican.

Comment: London's Global Day of Prayer
Thousands of Christians gathered in London on Sunday, with the emphasis as much on bringing people together as on prayer.

Sex & Gender

Cameron welcomes gay celebrities to Number 10
David Cameron pledged his support for gay rights tonight before jokingly referring to his deputy, Nick Clegg, as 'my own civil partner'.

Comment: Conservatives' gay-friendly credentials are welcome but divisions remain
There are at least 10 gay or lesbian Tory MPs in the new parliament and several gay ministers.

Crime & Justice

Comment: Religion can make life inside bearable
As a support system – and even, yes, as a way to make life more comfortable – religion is an essential part of prison life.

Education & Culture

Poor schools do as well as rich ones
Children taught in disadvantaged schools are as likely to gain an outstanding education as those in leafy suburbs, inspectors say.

Globalisation & Development

Britain to cut aid spending on China and Russia
Britain will stop paying aid money to China and Russia in a sweeping overhaul of the country's overseas development work.

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