Press Roundup Wednesday 30 June 2010

By Press Office
June 30, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's work, produced daily by James Vincent and covering papers such as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, and the tabloids.

Religion & Society

Pope launches team to 're-evangelise' the West
The Pope launched a team to stem the secularisation of Catholic countries and "re-evangelise" the West.

Black woman Chaplain to Commons denies 'political correctness' claims
The black woman vicar appointed Chaplain to the House of Commons has said that she “abhors” the suggestion that she was chosen because of political correctness.

Comment: Padres should be cherished, especially by MPs
The botched selection of the Chaplain to the Commons insults a worthy post, argues Damian Thompson.

Comment: Richard Dawkins's backwards logic over atheist schooling
Richard Dawkins's belief that any properly brought up child will naturally be an atheist leads him into absurdity.

Comment: The eroticism of the Church of England
The BBC's new sitcom, Rev, is a surprisingly realistic picture about the sexual undercurrents of normal Christianity.

Economy & Politics

Quangos should be burnt to fuel a green revolution, Tory report recommends
The new Government should conduct a bonfire of nine low-carbon quangos and instead hand them to a planned green investment bank if Britain is to fulfil its commitments to create a low-carbon economy and catch up with its European partners, a report yesterday urged.

Commons reforms not enough, says research group
The Commons has failed to modernise in the wake of last year's expenses scandal and is refusing to become fully accountable, risking another crisis in public faith, a report warns.

Expenses scandal led to 'terrorisation of Parliament'
The MPs’ expenses scandal saw the "terrorisation of Parliament”, lawyers defending politicians charged with stealing tens of thousands of pounds told a court yesterday.

Comment: AV might kill off the Tories. There is a fair alternative
There is an electoral system that could keep first-past-the-post's advantages, better represent voters and get cross-party support.

Crime & Justice

Prison is a £2.2 billion failure, says Ken Clarke
Kenneth Clarke will set himself on a collision course with traditional Conservatives today by raising the prospect of thousands fewer criminals being sent to jail.

Torture inquiry announcement due
An inquiry into allegations of British security service complicity in the torture of terror suspects held overseas is expected to be announced imminently, after reports that Prime Minister David Cameron agreed details of how it will be conducted.

Comment: Crime cannot be explained by race
Using the colour of a person's skin to seek explanations for criminal behaviour is racist claptrap.

Community & Family

Comment: Fair society? Only, alas, in our fantasies...
Ever since the housewife from Grantham peddled the myth of hardwork, we've clung to the view that the rich should be rewarded because one day we might be among them.

Comment: Stay-at-home dads deserve a voice
Family courts should recognise it's not always mothers that shoulder the lion's share of parental responsibilities.

Ecology & Environment

Emission cuts threatened by economic recovery
Britain is not on course to meet its climate change targets for reducing carbon emissions, the Government is bluntly warned today.

Comment: It's down to Osborne to keep climate change on the agenda
A common complaint of environmentalists during the Tony Blair years was that while the prime minister's rhetoric on the subject of global warming was first rate – indeed, he was largely responsible for the issue rising to the top of the international agenda – it was not remotely matched by commensurate action on climate change at home.

Race & Identity

Comment: Not all good migrants are skilled migrants
So the country is, in the words of the Chancellor, "open for business". But we are not open for talented people – or at least not as open as we were before the new cap on inward migration was imposed.

Comment: Spectres of inhumanity
New hatreds are surfacing in Europe. The economic crisis cannot be an excuse to walk over human rights.

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