Press Roundup 5 July 2010

By Press Office
July 5, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's areas of concern, produced daily and including The Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, BBC and the tabloids.

Economy & Politics

US questions its unwavering support for Israel – Guardian
A consensus is forming in Washington that the Israeli government is abusing US support, with policies seen to be risking regional stability, peace prospects and American lives.

Speaker's wife blasts 'macho' George Osborne over shock 40% cuts – Mirror
Sally Bercow yesterday lashed out at Chancellor George Osborne over his slash-and-burn public sector cuts.

Whitehall ‘golden goodbyes’ slashed – Mail
With hundreds of thousands of state employees facing the sack, Civil Service managers have been told that tougher curbs on redundancy payments will be in place in weeks.

Poor in UK dying 10 years earlier than rich, despite years of government action
Department of Health and NHS criticised for making too little progress on tackling key barometer of inequality

Don’t campaign against voting reform, Ashdown tells Cameron
Ashdown warns Cameron not to campaign against Lib Dem demands for reform to the voting system.

Cameron will campaign against vote system change
David Cameron will campaign against changing the voting system, his spokesman said, in a referendum expected next May.

Peace & War

War 'rules of engagement' to be reviewed – BBC News
The new commander of US-led forces in Afghanistan, Gen David Petraeus, is suggesting that he will review the rules of engagement.

Police patrol China region on riot anniversary – AP
Teams of police patrolled streets in the western region of Xinjiang on Monday as stringent security was imposed for the one-year anniversary of China's worst ethnic violence in decades.

War veterans should be helped to adjust to civilian life, say MPs
Plan calls for psychological assessment and GP checks as thousands of ex-soldiers are arrested every month

David Cameron outlines Afghanistan exit strategy
David Cameron has spelt out his five-year exit strategy for British forces in Afghanistan.

Religion & Society

David Cameron puts more money and resources into Pope’s visit – Telegraph
The government is now prepared to see the Government’s costs for the event, previously estimated at £15million, increase by as much as £4million in order to make sure it runs smoothly.

Most Islamist terrorists in UK are born here – Independent
The majority of terrorists in the UK are British-born, under the age of 30, educated and likely to be employed, according to a statistical analysis of all terror plots uncovered over the past ten years.

Papal visit: Catholic Church asked to pay more for Pope's tour
The Roman Catholic Church will be asked to pay more money to cover the costs of the Pope’s official visit this year.

Meeting on appointment of gay bishop will determine future of the Church
It is exactly seven years since Dr Rowan Williams secretly called Jeffrey John to Lambeth Palace and forced the homosexual cleric to stand down from becoming Bishop of Reading.

Education and Culture

Michael Gove freezes rebuilding of schools in £3.5bn savings
Cuts of up to £3.5bn to the schools budget will be announced tomorrow as the government presses ahead with the most drastic public spending squeeze since the second world war.

Community & Family

Divorce is ‘contagious’ – Telegraph
The heated emotions aroused by one person's divorce can be transferred like a virus, causing others to divorce, researchers are suggesting.

Race and Identity
Abused, humiliated and abandoned. What really happens when the UK deports failed asylum-seekers
An investigation by The Independent reveals details of the secret flights used to return failed asylum-seekers, including the companies and airlines involved, the conditions on board, and the techniques permitted.
Racism has shades of grey
It would help the debate if we had more than one word for something that comes in so many different guises

Sex & Gender
UN celebrates a 'watershed day' for women
Global body launched: The fight against rape, female circumcision, child mortality and poor healthcare takes on a higher priority.


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