Press Roundup Tuesday 6 July 2010

By Press Office
July 6, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's areas of concern, produced daily and including The Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, BBC and the tabloids.

Economy & Politics

Plan to allow coalition to cling to power scrapped
Clegg confirms 5 May referendum on electoral reform

Treasury says it can save £100bn by ending duplication of local services
Plans to save £100bn by streamlining locally-run public services are emerging as one of the ‘big ideas’ in the government-wide spending review.

Left-Right plot to derail AV: Tory rebels hold secret talks with Labour to spike Clegg referendum
Tory rebels are holding talks with senior Labour figures in an attempt to scupper Nick Clegg’s plans for electoral reform.

Peace & War

Republicans call for party chairman to quit over Afghan remarks.
Michael Steele under pressure to resign after saying US cannot win in Afghanistan, a 'war of Obama's choosing'

Israel confirms list of goods permitted into Gaza
Israel has confirmed that certain consumer and construction goods will be permitted to enter the Gaza Strip following the relaxation of the controversial blockade.

Religion & Society

Iran issues list of approved Muslim hairstyles for men
Iran is set to order a crackdown on men sporting 'un-Islamic' haircuts.

Swimming pool blacked out to appease Muslims
Town hall chiefs were yesterday accused of “political correctness gone stark-raving mad” for forcing pool users to swim in the gloom to protect Muslim women’s modesty.

Traditionalist Church of England groups warn of defections if gay bishop is ordained
Traditionalists in the Church of England could defect to other Anglican provinces if an openly homosexual cleric is appointed Bishop of Southwark

Costs of Pope’s visit soares to £12 million
THE Pope’s first UK visit in nearly 30 years could cost taxpayers up to £12million as it emerged yesterday that the budget has spiralled by half.

French MPs debate Burkha Ban
Outlawing the burkha in public will move a step closer in France today when MPs begin debating a ban

Education & Culture

The 'nappy curriculum' needs changing, minister says
The controversial requirement that children must master 69 writing, counting and problem-solving skills by the age of five is under scrutiny as questions of when a child’s education should begin are re-opened.

Three quarters of employers 'require 2:1 degree'
Intense competition for graduate jobs means that more than three quarters of employers require at least a 2:1 degree grade, a survey suggests.

Graduates warned of record 70 applicants for every job
Class of 2010 told to consider flipping burgers or shelf stacking to build skills as they also compete with last year's graduates

Sex & Gender

The razor and the damage done: female genital mutilation in Kurdish Iraq
Mixture of motives persuades villages to maintain practice that often leaves lasting effects on young girls

Ecology & Environment

Climate change report ignored 'positive effect' of climate change
A major report into climate change played down the positive effects of global warming and just presented “worst-case scenarios”, an inquiry found.

Life & Death

The 'holy grail' test that gives early warning of Alzheimer's
A simple and inexpensive blood test that can spot Alzheimer's up to ten years before symptoms show is being developed by British scientists.

People & Power

Government spends thousands on iPhone apps
BBC News has learnt that the Government has spent tens of thousands of pounds developing iPhone applications.

Home Office advice to gay asylum seekers criticized
The Home Office has been accused of telling gay and lesbian asylum seekers to avoid persecution back home by keeping their sexuality secret.

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