Press Roundup Thursday 8 July 2010

By Press Office
July 8, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's areas of concern, produced daily and including The Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, BBC and the tabloids.

Economy & Politics:

Cameron to promise a new era of 'people power' for public services
David Cameron will today promise to sweep away Labour's performance targets for public services as he ushers in an era of “people power” in which consumers hold the people who run services to account.

Michael Gove apology over school building list errors
The education secretary has said he will apologise in person to schools led to believe they could go ahead with building projects which were axed.

Peace & War:

Afghanistan: Now it's America's war
The day the Government faced up to the reality of the conflict

Sangin pullout: US military rejects Basra comparison
Senior figures insist replacement by US marines tactical and not a reflection of British failure to pacify area

Religion & Society:

Gay clergyman blocked from becoming bishop
Jeffrey John barred from becoming Bishop of Southwark - the second time that he has failed to be appointed to such a senior position following a row over his sexuality

Religious extremism driven by anxiety, says research
Anxiety and uncertainty can drive people to religious extremism, new research suggests.

Community & Family:

Yes, divorce IS infectious - I caught it from my friends

Third of adults condone smacking, poll shows
Calling children 'stupid', or not knowing where they are at 9pm, were both considered more unacceptable than slapping

Education & Culture:

Private schools win tax break reprieve over assisted places
Charity Commission rules Derbyshire school can keep charitable status after raising subsidised places from one to three

Cycle row parents: 'children's development harmed by culture of fear'
Oliver and Gillian Schönrock, the parents criticised for allowing their children to cycle to school, have warned that a culture of fear risks damaging youngsters' social development.

Sex & Gender:

Supreme Court Judge says homosexual asylum seekers should be allowed to stay because 'gays must be free to enjoy Kylie concerts and cocktails'
Lord Rodger's extraordinary comments came in a judgment which could allow thousands of homosexuals to claim asylum in Britain.

Crime & Justice:

Six years in jail, no charge: war on terror's forgotten victim speaks
Babar Ahmad, 35, is the longest-serving prisoner held without charge or trial in the UK.

Ecology & Environment:

'Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty over data
'Rigour and honesty' of scientists not in doubt but Sir Muir Russell says UEA's Climatic Research Unit was not sufficiently open

Life & Death:

Over-eating not lack of exercise to blame for childhood obesity: research
Lack of exercise is not to blame for the childhood obesity crisis, researchers have found, as overweight children become less physically active, not the other way around.

People & Power:

Seek work or lose benefits, warns IDS
Moving people off sickness benefits on to jobseekers' allowance could take unemployment figures to 3m, says thinktank

Race and Identity:

Yard's £100,000 racism report 'a waste of money'
A £100,000 report into alleged racism at Scotland Yard was branded 'a waste of money' and 'reward for bad behaviour' when it was finally published last night.

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