Press Roundup Thursday 22 July 2010

By Press Office
July 22, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's areas of concern, produced daily and including The Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, BBC and the tabloids

Economy & Politics:

Labour leadership contest: Ed Miliband wins key trade union backing
Ed Miliband has secured the backing of the country’s largest trade union in the battle for the Labour leadership contest

David Cameron focuses on foreign trade policy
David Cameron has promised to transform British foreign policy so that it is focused primarily on promoting UK businesses abroad.

Peace & War:

Conservatives warn of mixed signals on withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan
David Cameron says there is 'absolutely no change in policy' on Afghanistan from previous government

Clegg backtracks after declaring Iraq war illegal
Nick Clegg used his first appearance standing in for David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions yesterday to declare that the Iraq war was "illegal", and demand that Labour explain why they dragged Britain into it.

British troops could start coming back from Afghanistan next year, claims Cameron
Britain could start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan as early as next year, David Cameron said today.

Religion & Society:

The 'big society' needs religion
The 'big society' will not work unless it is informed by religious ideas of free and reciprocal giving

Community & Family:

A 'special needs' label on fifth of all children - double that of 20 years ago
Soaring numbers of young children are being diagnosed with special needs, including speech and behaviour problems, new figures show.

Education & Culture:

How have the new Government's two ministers in charge of education measured up so far?
Michael has distinct hyperactive tendencies, as anyone who has come into contact with him cannot fail to notice. Within three weeks of his arrival, he had decided to revolutionise the whole school system.

Four in five universities in budget squeeze
Four in five English universities and higher education colleges will face real-terms budget cuts for the next academic year, it was disclosed.

Crime & Justice:

Clarke prison pledge 'inspired by Churchill'
Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke's pledge to stop sending thousands of criminals to prison, which so angered Tory right-wingers last month, was inspired by Winston Churchill, the Justice minister Crispin Blunt will say today.

Howard deepens Tory rift on jails: Ex-leader blasts Clarke's 'soft' crime policy
Michael Howard has warned that the Government risks driving up crime, as deep divisions opened in Tory prison policy.

Ecology & Environment:

UN in fresh bid to salvage international deal on climate change
Campaigners welcome plans to amend the way Kyoto protocol resolutions are passed

Life & Death:

Hundreds of IVF embryos donated 'without consent'
Hundreds of leftover IVF embryos from British couples have been given away to other people without their knowledge or explicit consent, in a controversial scheme at a clinic in Spain, it can be disclosed.

Mum with locked-in syndrome vows to get better for her daughter
Tracey Senik’s eyes twinkle when her daughter Anna is mentioned, the girl who gave her a reason to live.

People & Power:

Time called on 24-hour binge-drinking
Pubs and clubs will be prevented from opening 24 hours a day under plans by the Home Office to tackle problem drinking

Cameron to outline details of youth service plan
David Cameron is to outline details of the government's planned national citizen service, aimed at getting 16-year-olds to work in the community.

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