Press Roundup Wednesday 11 August 2010

By Press Office
August 11, 2010

A selection of stories from today's press and other media that relate to Ekklesia's areas of concern, produced daily by George Fitzherbert-Brockholes, and including The Daily Telegraph, Independent, Guardian, BBC and the tabloids

Economy & Politics:

Jobs worries and inflation fears send confidence plunging, says Nationwide
Nationwide consumer index shows government cuts make people more cautious about jobs, housing market and wages

Cameron calls in 'bounty hunters' to catch benefit fraudsters
David Cameron was accused of eroding people's financial privacy as he unveiled plans to expand the use of credit reference agencies to track down welfare cheats.

Bank of England expected to cut UK growth forecasts
Bank's quarterly inflation report likely to reflect concerns that public sector cuts and tax rises will dampen demand

Peace & War:

Afghan civilian deaths up 30 per cent as Taliban escalates assassination campaign
Civilian deaths in Afghanistan have increased by a third in first half of this year, after the Taliban escalated an assassination campaign targeting government workers and "collaborators".

Alistair Darling plea to Tory slashers as UK heads for recession 2
Alistair Darling last night pleaded with Tory axemen David Cameron and George Osborne to abandon their vicious cuts in a bid to rescue the fragile economy.

Religion & Society:

Mecca clock vs Big Ben
How does the Royal Mecca Clock Tower measure up to Westminster's clock tower, whose great bell is known as Big Ben?

Crime & Justice:

Peterborough 'under siege' by migrant camps, locals claim
Unemployed migrants have set up more than a dozen squatting “camps” in one city, creating pressures on local services, it was claimed

Anti-terrorist hotline ad banned for being 'offensive'
A radio advert urging listeners to report suspected terrorists has been banned by a watchdog for potentially offending law-abiding people.

Ecology & Environment:

Pakistan floods: Climate change experts say global warming could be the cause
The world weather crisis that is causing floods in Pakistan, wildfires in Russia and landslides in China is evidence that global warming predictions are correct, according to climate change experts

Life & Death:

Antibiotics' efficiency wanes due to global spread of drug-resistant bacteria
Gene giving high levels of resistance to drugs found in increasingly prevalent intestinal bacteria

Brain scan promises to identify the hidden sufferers of autism
Autism could in future be diagnosed in 15 minutes from a brain scan – saving patients and their families years of suffering from a condition that can go unrecognised for decades.

People & Power:

Human rights groups ask Wikileaks to censor files
A coalition of human rights groups has called on Wikileaks to remove details of civilian Afghans who were named when the website released more than 77,000 classified US Army documents on the war in Afghanistan.

Christina Patterson: Why is social housing such a mess?
What started as a much-needed escape route from the slums that were, for decades, the working classes' only accommodation option, has become a racket

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