Tories: The 'Hung Parliament party'?

By Jonathan Bartley
October 6, 2010

This today from David Cameron, who led his party through an election campaign based on scaremongering about a hung Parliament, now addressing his party conference:

"Not just lots of shared values, like wanting a country that is more free, more fair, more green, more decentralised.

But a shared way of trying to do business.

Reasonable debate, not tribal dividing lines.

Give and take.

Respect when you disagree.


A sense that politics shouldn't be so different from the rest of life, where rational people do somehow find a way of overcoming their disagreements.

Nick Clegg is not just sitting in government trying to win a few concessions here and there.

The Liberal Democrats are proper partners, getting stuck in, making big decisions, shaping what we do and taking responsibility.

That's why we can form a proper government and you can be proud of what we've done together.

Now compare this to what his party said a hung Parliament would be like during the election campaign (from his website 'Webcameron'):

No further comment needed really, but a acknowledgement that there were some people before the election pointing out that Hung Parliaments can work, would have been nice ;)

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