Rebuilding demolished Palestinian homes

By Ben White
October 18, 2010

In April 2011, as an act of solidarity, the Amos Trust will take 25 people to work with local Palestinians to rebuild a demolished home in al-Walaja

This is a small community outside Bethlehem on the West Bank that has been devastated by the building of illegal Israeli settlements and the construction of the Separation Wall.

Participants will gain first-hand experience of Palestinian life under occupation, working with the Palestinian organisation, Holy Land Trust, and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD).

As you live and work in this local community, you will gain a deeper understanding of the issues and of the importance of non-violent resistance. You will also meet Amos partners and friends, have the opportunity to visit the historic sites in Jerusalem and sample the local culture.

You will need to raise £2,000:
• £1,000 for travel, accommodation and food
• £1,000 toward the rebuilding costs* Find out how you can be involved and make a donation to the home rebuilding.

This is a real opportunity to help make a difference to people’s lives. As one victim of a demolition explained “We had 40 minutes’ notice – ‘get your things and get out’. Then the bulldozers destroyed our home. I screamed that this was our home, on our land, but they ignored me and pushed me away. What do you say to your children when this happens? When there is no compensation, when the international community does nothing and when each request for a permit to rebuild our home is denied?”

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Ben White is an author and political consultant on Palestinian issues. He is campaign coordinator for A Just Peace for Palestine (, which is backed by Ekklesia and other agencies.

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