As foretold, Wallace and Gromit are minions of the Anti-Christ

By Jonathan Bartley
November 1, 2010
Wallace and Gromit carolling. Religious or secular stamp?  The battle lines are drawn.

It was prophesied in ages past. OK, actually, it was predicted in my blog back in September. But the Daily Express are first out of the blocks carrying the expected rant against 'secular' Christmas stamps with the headline Royal Mail bans religion. (Reported by the paper as "an exclusive"!).

Of course, the Royal Mail has done nothing of the sort. But apparently “church leaders are furious with Royal Mail bosses” because they are following their usual policy - which everyone except the tabloids and the odd parish priest seems to know - of alternating new editions of religiously themed stamps every other year.

Religiously themed stamps are of course on sale every year and always available. As the article itself makes clear, the Royal Mail have distributed tens of millions of the Madonna and Child stamps to go on sale alongside the Wallace and Gromit stamps.

I expect however that as in years gone by, there will now be an email campaign accusing the Royal Mail of aggressive secularism, which in itself seems to be becoming a Christmas tradition all of its own.

(Incidentally I used to have a very evangelical Christian friend, who had to deal with much of the communications for the Royal Mail. He used to tear his hair out every time these stories cropped up. He felt that these stories made Christians look incredibly stupid. I am inclined to agree with him.)

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My goodness, its a stamp! I

My goodness, its a stamp! I don't know what else to say about it. I guess I'll speak through actions by putting a huge Wallace and Gromit stamp on my Christian themed Christmas cards this year. That should teach them a lesson!

Daily Express diary event

Yes, one suspects it must be something of a newsroom joke at the Daily Express: "it's the first week in November, who's doing the Christmas stamp rant this year?".

Back in 2006 Duncan Steven wrote a very good piece on this regular hysteria - it's worth looking at.

I submitted a much better picture to the Blue Peter competition that choose the 1966 stamp designs - it was of children around the Christmas tree ......

The Revd Martin Reynolds

Christmas Stamps

Surely a compromise is in order? Shaun the Sheep in the stable with the Madonna and Child?