Welsh Assembly 'Yes' campaign receives ethnic minorities' backing

By staff writers
February 5, 2011

The All Wales Ethnic Minority Assocation (AWEMA) has confirmed its full support the Yes for Wales campaign for better powers for the National Assembly.

At present, the Welsh Assembly needs permission from London before it can make laws in certain areas - leading to delays, unnecessary costs and inefficiency say 'Yes' campaigners.

The All Wales Ethnic Minority Assocation represents minority communities in Wales as well as migrants from the European Economic Area, and works with the National Assembly and Welsh Assembly Government on their behalf.

Explaining the decision, AWEMA Chief Executive Naz Malik talked of the association’s frustration with the existing system.

He declared: “Due to the complex LCO (Legislative Competence Orders) processes, it has been frustrating to explain to our communities why some policies take so long to come to fruition. This leads our communities to complain that ‘nothing ever happens’, because often two years or more have passed since the consultation, by which time community groups have forgotten that they had in fact contributed to the development of the policy!”

Naz Malik added: “We have formed the view that if a ‘Yes’ vote is secured then the National Assembly will have the tools to make policies efficiently and effectively. In the coming weeks AWEMA will produce community specific flyers that will be available on our website.”

AWEMA’s campaign co-ordinator for the referendum is Gwion Iqbal Malik (gwion-iqbal-malik@awema.org.uk).

A wide range of groups with all kinds of social, cultural, ethnic, union, business, religious and political affiliations are now on board with the Yes for Wales (http://www.yesforwales.com/) campaign.

The official No campaign for the 3 March Welsh Assembly powers vote did not meet its statutory test, meaning that the Electoral Commission was unable to recognise officially-designated lead campaigns for the referendum. Campaigners therefore have to rely on private resources only.

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