David Cameron's multicultural confusion

David Cameron's multicultural confusion


Commenting on Prime Minister David Cameron's recent speech about tackling extremism, Simon Barrow, co-director of the Christian think-tank Ekklesia, which explores issues of religion and belief in a mixed society, said:

"The Prime Minister's comments about 'multiculturalism' are confused and confusing.

"There is no singular British culture. The fabric of common identity and a shared ethos for living together is created by giving people a real stake in society and the economy, by building cultural bridges not political barriers, and by seeking to strengthen communities at all levels through drawing on the strengths of our different traditions - while simultaneously calling each other to account (politically, culturally, socially and religiously) for our weaknesses and abuses of power.

"Scapegoating particular groups is part of the problem when it comes to social disaffection and the small number of people drawn to violent extremism. It is not the solution"