Faithfully doubting religious and anti-religious dogmatism

By Press Office
March 7, 2011

Commenting on the BBC Radio programmes 'In Doubt We Trust', presented by philosopher Mark Vernon, Simon Barrow, co-director of the religion and society thinktank Ekklesia, said:

"Both sceptics and believers often wrongly think of modern religious fundamentalism as the epitome of faith, and dogmatic anti-religion as the epitome of doubt.

"In fact, unwavering zealotry of both kinds is the opposite of the open, questioning and trust-generating attitude that necessarily characterises the quest for a truth larger than ourselves.

"It is also unfaithful to the diverse and questioning nature of foundational texts in the Bible, for example.

"Yet the contemporary media stereotype often suggests that fundamentalism is somehow more 'traditional' and 'authentic' as a religious expression.

"This couldn't be further from the truth, when you probe beneath the surface - as Mark Veron is helpfully getting us to do through the BBC radio programmes "In Doubt We Trust'."


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