RE and the English baccalaureate


Commenting on the RE.Act campaign, Simon Barrow, co-director of the religion and society thinktank Ekklesia said:

"Ekklesia is pleased to support the RE.Act campaign to challenge the exclusion of good quality, balanced and critically-aware Religious Education from the English Baccalaureate curriculum for secondary schools in England.

"We believe that enabling understanding of the wide variety of beliefs and values shaping our plural - but often divided - world remains crucial to a rounded education.

"Hatred and resentment breeds on ignorance.

"People of different faiths and non-religious people of good faith need to learn to agree and disagree with each other through conversation, respect and persuasion - not exclusion or coercion.

"Such life-giving habits begin at school, as well as in the family and the community."


* RE.Act's website and petition is here: This initiative has been galvanized by Premier Christian Radio (PCR) and supported by people of many religious beliefs and none.

* See also on Ekklesia: 'Cameron, "multiculturalism" and education about religions and beliefs', by Robert Jackson, Professor of Education at the University of Warwick and Director of Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (, and: 'Education about beliefs "vital" for a plural society', Ekklesia press release (

* Ekklesia examines beliefs and values in society from an engaged Christian perspective. It advocates transformative ideas and solutions rooted in theological thinking and dialogue with others.