The people's game and alternatives to plutocracy

By Simon Barrow
June 4, 2011

Today, while I play in a fundraising match at Dumbarton FC, representatives of Supporters Trust across the country are gathering at a conference entitled 'The Future of Scottish Football' at Hampden Park, Glasgow.

Organised by Supporters Direct, the conference will bring ordinary fans into conversation with key decision makers, including Neil Doncaster, CEO of the Scottish Premier League, and David Longmuir, CEO of the Scottish Football League (which is composed of smaller, often part-time, clubs).

This is a highly significant occasion. To many, current plans to "reconstruct" the leagues and the game reek of plutocracy, a lack of contact with fans (the paying customers, as well as those with a passionate stake in football) and a sense of vision beyond reductionist financial, Old Firm or TV-based models.

But the path to a different future is not easy... and the search for it readily derided by those who presently hold the power and money. Here is what I have written about that over at Changing Scottish Football (, a campaigning group blog sponsored by Supporters Direct Scotland, which I co-edit.

It addresses the preconditions for a sensible response to the all-important and oft-asked question, "So what's your alternative, then?"

Read the article here:

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