Government 'misleading' over disability benefit consultation

Research published on 9 January 2012 shows massive opposition to the government's disability benefit reforms, and exposes the coalition's masking of the results of its own consultation on the Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

The new report, 'Responsible Reform', which has been entirely written and produced by disabled people themselves, will be made publicly available online at Ekklesia and elsewhere on 9 January 2012. See:

Advanced copies have been distributed to the media upon request.

The research is based on Freedom of Information requests which have brought to light, among other things, trenchant criticism from the Mayor of London of his own government's policies and proposals on DLA.

'Responsible Reform' is being published independently, but also backed by a range of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and disability experts including Disability Alliance, Mind, Papworth Trust, Scope, the thinktank Ekklesia, and Sir Bert Massie CBE.


Notes for editors

1. Key contacts: Sue Marsh, Co-author 'Responsible Reform' report: suey2yblog AT; Tel. 07851 547217. Kaliya Franklin, contributor and co-ordinator: 0151 345 1495 (PAs: 07896 562110; 07972 611782).

2. Comment from Ekklesia: Simon Barrow, Co-director: simon DOT barrow AT; Tel. 07850 120413.

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5. The full report, 'Responsible Reform' is being made available online at Ekklesia and elsewhere. See:

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