Centre for Living Christianity: what it's all about

By Simon Barrow
October 7, 2012

The world today in some ways reminds us of first century Athens, where in a multicultural melting pot, St Paul proclaimed an ‘Unknown God’.

The newly-formed Centre for Living Christianity (CLiC), based in Edinburgh, is for those interested in exploring “the way”: how to live out Christianity in the modern world, in a way which is thoughtful and faithful; and how to understand Christianity from the margins of a society which is both diversely spiritual and secular.

CLiC's objectives are:

* To help people become literate and articulate Christians in a contemporary context (“How do I speak Christian?”).
* To integrate theology with reflection and spiritual practice – connecting head, heart, soul.
* To overcome false antinomies (secular/religious, conservative/liberal, biblical/modern, religion/science).
* To provide a range of accessible learning options based on best Adult Learning practice and suitable for different learning styles.

CLiC brings together a range of parties including the Cornerstone Bookshop, Scotland’s only independent ecumenical theological bookshop and is focused at St John’s Episcopal Church in Princes Street / Lothian Road, at a busy crossroads in the midst of a modern city. It is a church known for its engagement in the modern world, including a prophetic use of murals to generate renewed debate about topical issues.

CLiC activities will be offered by a range of partners and in different locations. Its founding partners are:

* St John’s Episcopal Church Edinburgh
* Ekklesia (think-tank)
* Adventures in Faith
* Cornerstone Bookshop
* Edinburgh City Centre Churches Together

The co-ordinating group for the Centre for Living Christianity (CLiC) consists of Donald Reid, Amanda and Andrew Wright (St John’s Church), John Conway (St Martin’s Church), Simon Barrow (Ekklesia), Elspeth Strachan (Adventures in Faith), Margaret Leeming (Cornerstone Bookshop), and Tony Bryer (Edinburgh City Centre Churches Together).

If you have ideas about activities, topics, speakers and venues, or if you want to partner and promote CLiC’s work, please do get in touch Email : donald.reid@stjohns-edinburgh.org.uk

* CLiC's initial programme for 2012/13 can be found here: http://livingchristianityscotland.com/our-programme/

* The launch event is a 'First Supper' at Hendersons Cafe at St John's, at 7pm on Sunday 7 October 2012: http://livingchristianityscotland.com/2012/10/04/your-invitation-to-the-...

* Website: http://livingchristianityscotland.com/

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