Barack Obama wins re-election in US presidential election

By staff writers
November 7, 2012

All the major media outlets have now called the United States presidential election for Barack Obama, who has been re-elected for a second term.

Mr Obama won despite lingering dissatisfaction with the economy and a well-funded challenge by Mr Romney, comments the BBC.

Governor Mitt Romney took some time to concede defeat, but President Obama made social media history with his early 'acceptance tweet', which read: "We're all in this together. That's how we campaigned, and that's who we are. Thank you. - bo".

The electoral arithmetic indicates that Mr Obama has won even if Ohio, which has been called for him, could be grasped by the GOP. But as of 05.50 GMT / 00.50 EST Republican strategists seemed to have given up searching for unlikely get-outs.

It looks as if Mr Obama will win by over 300 votes in the electoral college, and by up to 2 million in the popular vote - though the figures are far from resolved.

Results from the Senate and the House of Representatives are still to be confirmed, too, but NBC news is reporting that the Senate has gone Democrat with four seats to be declared. The House will stay Republican.

The Rt Rev Gene Robinson, the partnered gay Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire, tweeted: "So happy for women, LGBT people, the uninsured, the 99%, the 47%, Medicare/Medicaid recipients, Pell grantees, for all of us in America."

Others did well tonight, too. Marnie Glickman, former co-chair Green Party of the USA and managing director of Green Party of California: "Jill Stein earned more votes tonight than any other Green Party member who ever ran for president. I'm so proud to be Green."

There were scenes of jubilation in Chicago as Democrat supporters and campaigners awaited Mr Obama. By contrast, Republican campaign HQ in Boston was stunned when Fox News called Ohio for the President.

The pressure is now on the GOP, which lost votes among youth, Latinos, Asian-Americans and women, and is struggling to cope with an increasingly diverse society.

On the other hand, Mr Obama's progressive critics have been swift to point out that he needs to be challenged on drone attacks, military policy, and an over-cosy relationship with Wall Street, among other things.

Leading environmentalist Bill McKibben wrote on twitter: "So Barack Obama never has to run again. Now we'll find out what he really thinks about a lot of things."

With swing states Virginia and Florida still too close to call, Mr Obama looks to have won at least 290 electoral votes to Mr Romney's 203 so far.

CNN was calling VA for the President at 05.45 GMT / 00.45 EST, which would bring the total to 303.

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