Government proposals on ESA/WCA are flawed


Commenting on the new Briefing on Employment and Support Allowance (Amendment) Regulations 2012, Simon Barrow, director of the beliefs and values thinktank Ekklesia, which is co-publishing the briefing with its authors and project leader, said:

“What the coalition is proposing in its latest Employment Support Allowance / Work Capability Assessment changes runs entirely contrary to its claims to be protecting and supporting sick and disabled people in a climate of austerity, cutbacks and hardship.

"Equally disturbing is the government's habit of introducing flawed changes in ways that bypass proper democratic debate, while ignoring the concerns and expertise of those most deeply impacted.

"Parliamentarians of all parties need to challenge these proposals and seek an independent, cumulative impact assessment of recent and impending welfare changes.”

* The briefing can be read here: