The use of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Bible by Barack Obama

By Harry Hagopian
January 21, 2013

In a previous blog (, I noted the significant coincidence of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States with the second inauguration of President Barack Obama ('Obama, MLK and the dream of a better world').

There is of course another tangible connection, part of what I called the "faith-centred and challenging impact of this occasion", though it is one some have questioned strongly.

President Obama took the oath of office today on the two Bibles used by Abraham Lincoln and by Martin Luther King Jr., for the official part of the ceremony.

This was intended as a debt and tribute to two great figures of the American past. But Cornel West, who is a philosopher, critical social theorist, Baptist theologian and a star professor at Harvard, Princeton, and now Union Theological Seminary, has serious questions about this appropriation of the tradition in which MLK (and he) stands.

A supporter of Obama while being critical of some of his policies in office (including the incarceration of black people and Drone attacks, Professor West explains here why it bothers him ("makes my blood boil") that Obama decided to take the oath with MLK's Bible.

This five-minute YouTube clip was uploaded from C-Span by the controversial Moxnews:


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