Updated budget analysis: morality, numbers, impacts and delusional economics

By Press Office
March 20, 2013

This afternoon (20 March 2013) the chancellor of the exchequer delivered another UK budget which will have significant implications for the economy, for the most vulnerable in society and for the environment.

Budgets, Ekklesia believes, are moral documents. They are not just about abstract figures. They indicate the priorities and vision (or lack of it) of a society and the choices it - and especially its elected leaders - wishes to make.

As is our custom, we have been following the budget announcements closely and offering comment and reaction from our friends and associates, focusing on a range of experts in overlapping fields.

Responses have forthcoming from a number of NGOs, church agencies, unions and think-tank allies - including sources of alternative economic thinking like the New Economics Foundation, Tax Research, Prime Economics and others.

Ekklesia has been linking and reporting on the key issues, questions and analyses. More will be offered over the next two days.

It's also worth noting that our occasional columnist Ann Pettifor, director of policy at Prime Economics, was on BBC1 Newsnight on 20 March. This can be viewed again on several playback services. See also Ann's short lecture, 'Delusional Economics and the Economic Cost of Mr Osborne' via YouTube (https://t.co/w08Mb6z2yP).

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