Korean ministers and peace activists' prayers against nuclear weapons

By Press Office
October 23, 2013

As Ekklesia reported this week, Korean church and peace activists in Busan are taking part in a 40 day fasting and prayer vigil against nuclear weapons from 30 September to 8 November 2013, coinciding at the end with the World Council of Churches Assembly there – and drawing attention to the consolidated action of churches against weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

The common prayers of the Korean ministers and peace activists are as follows:

We repent that our lives that have caused catastrophic problems for the ecology and have threatened the survival of all humankind by indiscreet use of nuclear energy;

We repent that we have turned blind eyes and stopped our ears to the dangers of nuclear power generation despite the warning from Fukushima;

We pray that we can turn from the road to nuclear power generation which can be disastrous to ecology and humanity;

We pray that a world of peace is realized and the dignity of life is protected as we convert nuclear energy into renewable natural energy;

We pray that the world's Christians may abandon the great catastrophe of nuclear weapons and power plants and instead walk together toward the path of peace for all.

* World Council of Churches (WCC) project: Churches engaged for nuclear arms control - https://www.oikoumene.org/en/what-we-do/nuclear-arms-control

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