Pro-Europeans urges to support UK referendum on EU

By agency reporter
March 17, 2014

Green politicians have responded to Labour Party leader Ed Miliband's recent pronouncements on a potential EU referendum.

The Greens in England and Wakes are the only political party who both support Britain's continued presence in the EU and a referendum.

Green MEPs say they "have been at the forefront of changes to the EU which make it more democratic and less driven by corporate interests".

Keith Taylor, the Green Party's MEP for South East England, said: "It's becoming increasingly clear that Labour don't trust the British people to make a decision on our place in Europe. It's time we let people make that decision.

Those politicians who want us to stay in the EU should have the guts to support a referendum and fight for our continued membership, Taylor argues.

"Greens want to stay in the EU but we also want to see some radical reforms which make it more accountable to the people it serves. That means giving more power to elected politicians, rather than unelected bureaucrats. It also means curtailing the influence of corporate lobbyists in EU decision making.

"Ultimately we need the European Union to legislate on issues that cross borders, and to ensure that the single market isn't just a race to bottom on workers rights and wages.

"Greens are saying yes to a referendum, yes to radical reforms and yes to staying in the EU," he declared.

Liberal Democrats want to stay in the EU, but are sceptical about a referendum where anti-Europeans may force a majority.

The Conservative Party contains a large number of ideological Eurosceptics and has been pushed to the right on this and other issues by the rise of UKIP (the UK Independence Party).


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