UK in the dock as peace activists fly kites instead of drones

By staff writers
March 23, 2014

The biggest national UK anti-drone action has taken place this weekend, when over 20 peace groups were showing solidarity with Afghan peacemakers who urged everyone to Fly Kites Not Drones for Nao Roz (Afghan New Year).

There was a kite flying vigil at UK drone base RAF Waddington on Friday at 1pm, and a London event at Speakers Corner on Saturday at 2pm, where activists joined in with the well-loved Afghan pastime of kite flying.

Maya Evans, an anti-drone activist, explained: “I’ve just returned from living in Afghanistan for three months, where I personally witnessed the destruction and havoc caused by drones.

"Not only are they killing innocent civilians but they’re also degrading the fabric of Afghan society as they cause mistrust and enmity.”

The contention around the issue of drones has been heightened in the last few months when Pakistani drone witness Kareem Khan was kidnapped and tortured.

Khan was set to give evidence in the European Court. In addition a Yemini drones witness has also been severely harassed.

Meanwhile, British Courts threw out the case of Pakistani victim Noor Khan, who took legal action against the UK Government over drones, because it might result in the “condemnation of the US by a court of this country.”

It is now reported that fresh drone bases are set to open if not in Afghanistan then elsewhere in Asia.

Britain has also been exposed for infringing rules of combat by co-operating directly with the US on launching drone strikes.

Currently the cost of life caused by drone strikes is unknown as the MoD refuse to release names and numbers due to “national security”.

Ms Evans added: “These robot killers are fuelling resentment towards foreign occupation as well as making security worse for the ordinary Afghan. The message I heard over and over again was that Afghans do not want drones, they want an end to foreign interference which has brought endless violence, moreover, they want peace.”

The kite flying action was inspired by the Afghan Peace Volunteers who want an end to war and the use of drones which currently plague their skies.

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