On Rock or Sand? A political challenge to (and from) the establishment

By Press Office
January 16, 2015

Making an initial response to comments around the new book by the Archbishop of York on behalf of the Christian political think-tank Ekklesia, co-director Simon Barrow welcomed the debate it is generating. He added:

"The significance of this important intervention from Dr Sentamu and his co-authors -- which criticises inequality, poverty wages, and other aspects of dominant economic policies which effectively bail out the wealthy while imperilling millions of ordinary people -- is that the message comes from contributors who can hardly be labelled radicals, but who are in fact establishment figures.

"This shows the true depth of disquiet within the country about the austerity agenda, and makes government attempts swiftly to dismiss On Rock or Sand? 's moral and religious critique of present politics look rather desperate.

"It is encouraging to see increasing engagement with economic issues within the churches.

"Also worth reading, for example, is the World Council of Churches' latest document on an alternative 'economy of life' -- one focussed on sustaining and meeting the needs of communities faced with unprecedented global financial and economic crises, the threat of climate change and widespread ecological devastation."

* On Rock or Sand? Firm foundations for Britain's future, edited by Dr John Sentamu, is to be launched officially on Tuesday 20 January 2015. More here: http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/21305

16 January 2015

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