MPs’ torture statement based on 'limited' evidence

By agency reporter
February 13, 2015

A statement published by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) on whether the UK requested redactions from the Senate torture report has admitted that it was only able to consider “limited” evidence.

The ISC was considering whether the UK requested redactions in order to cover-up evidence that it had been involved in CIA rendition and torture operations. Although the Committee claims today that those allegations are “unfounded,” it admits that it has in fact not seen many of the “specific redactions proposed.” This is because – as the ISC says – the redactions were proposed by the CIA in consultation with the UK agencies, rather than directly by the UK agencies themselves. (

The ISC says it has only been able to consider UK Agencies “internal file notes, but not the specific redactions proposed by the CIA” which “relat[ed] to UK intelligence material” and “which the UK Agencies agreed.” The Committee says it has questioned the UK Agency heads, but makes no reference to any verbal requests which may or may not have been made by the UK for redactions from the report.

The ISC also emphasises that the statement has “no bearing on the more critical question of any complicity by the UK security and intelligence Agencies in the mistreatment of detainees.”

Commenting, Donald Campbell from legal charity Reprieve said: “This statement raises more questions than it answers. The ISC clearly states that its conclusions are based only on ‘limited’ evidence. It appears that it has not even been able to see the bulk of the redactions proposed by the CIA in consultation with the UK. The ISC has had the wool pulled over its eyes in the past, and sadly it is hard to be sure this has not happened again.”

* Reprieve


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