Pledge to Vote for What You Believe In

By Press Office
April 22, 2015

Over the last fortnight we've been publishing posts from people across the political spectrum telling us how they will vote for what they believe in according to Ekklesia's election values.

We've really appreciated the thoughtful contributions we received. There have been a wide range of views from people who are keen members of a political party to those who aren't.

We asked two different members of the Conservative party to contribute, one declined because they were too busy and the other hasn't got back to us. We also asked people who didn't believe in the electoral system to explain why they wouldn't vote, but would still work to the values. Again they were too busy to contribute. We didn't approach people involved in parties we consider to be racist or xenophobic as these values are not consistent with ours.

In case you haven't been able to read all the articles we are reposting them here.

1.Claire Mathys of the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum.
2.Sara Hyde Christians on the Left.
3.Symon Hill author, journalist and Ekklesia associate.
4.Rev Ray Gaston Anglican priest, author and lecturer at Queens Theological Foundation.
5.Jill Segger writer, journalist and Ekklesia Associate Director.
6.Dr Keith Hebden Anglican priest, author, activist and Ekklesia Associate.
7.Henrietta Cullinan, Ekklesia administrator (who isn't voting).

We hope you find them as interesting as we did. And when you have read them we would encourage you to make a pledge of your own. With the election just over two weeks ago, whether we participate or not, we believe it's more important than ever to stand up for our election values.

You can leave your pledge on our election website, facebook page or email us at


* If you would like to pledge to vote for what you believe in, please leave a comment on our election website here or on our Facebook page or email your pledge to

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