Mencap calls for 'Easy Read' manifestos

By agency reporter
May 6, 2017

Ismail Kaji, who has a learning disability and works at Mencap, has launched a campaign calling on the major parties to produce their manifestos in easy read format, alongside their main manifestos, to ensure people with a learning disability have the same opportunity as any other voter to understand the election and make an informed decision.

Ismail Kaji said, “ It is very, very important to have Easy Read materials available during elections so that people with a learning disability can understand the promises the parties are making, and decide who to vote for. Without Easy Read, people with a learning disability will find it really difficult to vote, and could be excluded from the election completely. That is not acceptable. We deserve to be included and have the same opportunity to have our voices heard. It is scary to think that if the parties won’t produce an Easy Read Manifesto, what that means if they are elected in to power. It makes you think, ’what happens to people with a learning disability in the future?’

In 2015, Easy Read guides and manifestos to the General Election were the most downloaded materials from Mencap’s website.

On Monday (8 May 2017) Mencap will launch an Easy Read guide, in partnership with the Electoral Commission, to provide accessible information for people with a learning disability on the election, how to register to vote and voting on election day. Mencap has also produced a guide for supporters of people with a learning disability to help them vote.

Rob Holland, Parliamentary Manager at learning disability charity Mencap, said, “People with a learning disability are often the last group to be listened to, but the first to feel the effects of Government policy. The speed of this election means there is a real danger it will be completely inaccessible to people with a learning disability. This makes it all the more important that the parties produce easy read versions of their manifestos.

Easy Read guides and manifestos make confusing and difficult political language accessible. In previous elections the Easy Read guides have been our most downloaded documents, showing the real desire from people with a learning disability and their families to understand what the parties are promising and make an informed decision as to who to vote for.

Failing to produce easy read manifestos mean the parties risk losing votes of a million people and excluding people with a learning disability from the process completely.”

* Mencap

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