2018 Don't Bank on the Bomb report finds $81bn increase in nuclear arms investment

By agency reporter
March 7, 2018

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and PAX today (7 March 2018) released the 2018 ‘Don’t Bank on the Bomb’ Report, which found a massive increase of US$81 billion in new investment in 2017 compared to 2016. The report shows 20 companies in particular stand to profit the most from the increase in nuclear threats.

The 2018 Don’t Bank on the Bomb Report found:

  • A total of USD 525 billion (an increase of US$81 billion) was made available to the nuclear weapon producing companies, of which USD 110 billion came from just three companies: BlackRock, Vanguard and Capital Group
  • 329 banks, insurance companies, pension funds and asset managers from 24 countries invest significantly in nuclear weapons
  • The top 20 nuclear weapon producing companies stand to benefit the most from this increased nuclear threat, most of which have dedicated significant lobbying resources in Washington DC
  • On a positive note, since the adoption of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 30 companies have ceased investing in nuclear weapons.
  • Two of the top five largest pension funds in the world are divesting from nuclear weapons. 

“If you have been wondering who benefits from Donald Trump’s threats of nuclear war, this Report has that answer,” said ICAN Executive Director Beatrice Fihn. “These are the companies that stand to profit from indiscriminate mass murder of civilians. We grow less safe while they cash in on chaos by banking on armageddon.”
“A new nuclear arms race has moved the Doomsday Clock closer to armageddon, but it has also started a new nuclear gold rush for those wanting to cash in on mass destruction,” said Ms Fihn. 
While this Report found a massive increase of investment in mass destruction, it also profiles 63 financial institutions with policies limiting or prohibiting investment in any type of nuclear weapon producer.
Susi Snyder, of PAX and co-author of the Report highlighted the positive findings:  “The Nuclear Ban Treaty has sparked momentum towards divestment, shown by 10 per cent fewer investors in nuclear weapons, and an increase in financial institutions comprehensively prohibiting any investment. Investments are not neutral, these companies should be congratulated for standing on the side of humanity.”

* Read the report here

* Pax https://www.paxforpeace.nl/about-us

* ICAN http://www.icanw.org/


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