Catholic Bishops protest at deployment of National Guard on US-Mexico border

By agency reporter
April 16, 2018

In response to announcements regarding the deployment of the United States National Guard to the US/Mexico Border, Bishop James A. Tamayo of Laredo, Texas and other Catholic Bishops of the border region, issued the following statement in English and Spanish:

"We are deeply concerned by the announcement that the National Guard will be deployed on the US/Mexico Border. The continued militarisation of the US/Mexico Border distorts the reality of life on the border; this is not a war zone but instead is comprised of many peaceful and law-abiding communities that are also generous in their response to human suffering. 

"We recognise the right of nations to control and secure their borders; we also recognise the need of nations to respect the rule of law. Current law in the United States rightly provides that those arriving to our country fleeing persecution are entitled to due-process as their claims are reviewed. Seeking refuge from persecution and violence in search of a peaceful life for oneself and one’s family is not a crime. Our faith calls us to respond with compassion to those who suffer, and to live in a spirit of solidarity with all human beings.

"We remain hopeful that our local, state and federal officials will work collaboratively and prudently in the implementation of this deployment, ensuring that the presence of the National Guard is measured and not disruptive to community life. We are also deeply concerned that at this time divisive rhetoric often promotes the dehumanisation of immigrants, as if all were threats and criminals. We urge Catholics and people of good will to look past the dehumanising rhetoric regarding immigrants and remember that they are a vulnerable population, our neighbors, and our sisters and brothers in Christ."

Bishop James Tamayo
Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller
Bishop Michael J Sis
Bishop Daniel E Flores
Bishop Mark J Seitz
Bishop Edward J Weisenburge
Bishop Robert W McElroy
Bishop Oscar Cantú

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