Theresa May urged not to invest in Hitachi nuclear reactor

By agency reporter
May 2, 2018

In response to reports that Hiroaki Nakanishi, the CEO of Hitachi, is scheduled to meet Theresa May tomorrow (3 May 2018) to negotiate the UK government investing in their proposed new reactor at Wylfa, Anglesey, Hannah Martin, Head of Energy at Greenpeace UK, said, “The government’s love affair with nuclear is turning Britain into the life-support system for this tottering industry.

"Hitachi’s boss is coming to the UK cap in hand, asking Theresa May for billions of UK tax-payers’ money for a project no bank or hedge fund would touch. If nuclear is too risky for the world’s biggest financial institutions, why should the UK public be forced to take the bet? This is a project in need of a bailout before it’s even got started.

“We urgently need to decarbonise. New reactors require more time than we have, more money than we can afford, and apparently a total lack of transparency, with the public kept in the dark over the deal. It is inexplicable that this outdated technology is still the government’s favoured option when the other nuclear states are trying to reduce their exposure. Modern, clean technologies like offshore wind can do the job faster, cheaper and without any of this secrecy. Before we’re forced to buy into this white elephant, the public should be told why.”

* Greenpeace UK


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