Workers need stronger rights, not a no-deal Brexit, says TUC

By agency reporter
July 30, 2019

The TUC has called on the new Prime Minister to get on with enhancing workers’ rights now and to abandon his threat of a no-deal Brexit.

The call comes as new TUC analysis shows that one in nine workers – 3.7 million of the workforce – are in precarious jobs.

The report shows that:

  • Nearly two million (1.85m) are stuck in low-paid self-employment earning less than the minimum wage
  • A similar number are in other forms of insecure work – including zero-hours, agency, seasonal and casual workers
  • These workers often have no security of income and frequently miss out on key workplace rights such as sick pay, parental leave or holidays.

The TUC says that under a no-deal Brexit Britain’s insecure work crisis would mushroom, with vital workplace protections no longer guaranteed for any worker.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Boris Johnson needs to stop threatening a no-deal Brexit – which would be a disaster for workers’ rights – and get on with enhancing labour protections now.

“We already have an insecure work crisis in Britain. Crashing out of Europe would make things far worse. A good start would be to ban zero-hours contracts and give low-paid workers the right to speak to a union in their workplace.

“It’s not right that millions of workers still don’t know how much they’ll earn from one week to the next. And that so many are being denied even the most basic workplace rights.”

The report sets out a clear checklist for the new PM and business secretary to improve working people’s lives. It calls on the new administration to:

  • Ban zero-hours contracts and clamp down on false self-employment
  • Give all workers the same basic rights - including redundancy pay and family-friendly rights.
  • Give workers the freedom to be protected by a union in every workplace

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