Telegraph titillation

By Jonathan Bartley
March 7, 2007

I had a bit of a surprise when I looked in the Daily Telegraph yesterday and read Christina Odone's notebook on page 22. OK, actually it isn't a paper I usually read, but Christina tipped me off that I should have a look.

The story behind it is that I occasionally join Christina on a programme called 'The Moral of the Story' which goes out on ITV on Sunday nights with Alistair Stewart in the chair. It is one of those late-night discussion formats where you take a look at a few stories from the week's news.

It's been great fun getting to know Christina (it's never dull when she is around!) as but I happen to let slip to her whilst we were chatting during the last recording about a rather embarrasing incident which happened to me on the BBC's Heaven and Earth show a while back. Anyway, it has made her Daily Telegraph diary, and you can read it here (its the third item right at the bottom of the page).

Things could have been a lot worse - I also told her the story of a job I had whilst at university involving a two-metre python and a nightclub act, but that is perhaps for another day...

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