Church leaders, equality rules and a 'new morality'

By Press Office
March 13, 2007

Responding to accusations by the Catholic Bishop of Motherwell and the Anglican Bishop of Durham that the government is promoting a 'new morality' by pursuing a comprehensive equalities agenda in public services, Ekklesia co-director Simon Barrow commented: “It is surely the Gospel, not the government, which promotes ‘a new morality’ – namely, that the last shall be first, outsiders welcomed in, and those declared unclean by religious rules given God’s blessing. This was the impact of Jesus’ radical interpretation of traditional teaching in his day. But it can take the institutional churches some time to catch up with these things.”

Barrow added: “Faithworks’ courageous stand in favour of the SORs [sexual orientation regulations] is an invitation for others in the evangelical community, and Catholics who share similar concerns, to re-consider both their views and the manner in which they are advancing them. It also demonstrates that support for comprehensive equalities is not just something backed by so-called liberal Christians and by secular advocates, but can commend a broad support across society and within the churches.”

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