Christ is not a badge of superiority

By Simon Barrow
April 8, 2007

Richard Harries, former Bishop of Oxford, has a fine and moving article in The Observer today - ostensibly about the dilemmas faced by Rowan Williams, but effectively reminding all Christians about something inherent in their vocation.

"One of the threads running through [Rowan's] writing is the idea that true religion always leads one to question oneself, rather than make claims over others. Jesus is not a possession or a badge of superiority, but the one before whom you stand, in gentle self-questioning. So those who know the archbishop often remark on his humility and profound spirituality. It is this which will carry him through."

Read the whole piece here.

(I can't recommend Rowan Williams' Christ on Trial highly enough, by the way. A superb book which, as the blurb says, "draws not only from the Bible, but also from contemporary fiction, film and theatre... [to] explore the ways society continues to put Christ on trial today. In fact, all Christians stand with him before a watching world. How we respond to this challenge is the focus of Christ on Trial. It increases our confidence in the faith we have received, and invites us to discover 'what we are and what we might be in God's sight'."

Also relevant: Why Rowan Williams helps stem the drift to idiocracy.)

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