'Dreary' Damian Thompson

By Jonathan Bartley
April 20, 2007

We Just found an entry about Ekklesia on Damien Thompson's blog.

Radio 4Thompson (left) is editor-in-chief at the Catholic Herald. He has a blog on the Daily Telegraph site, and he has written about an interview I did for BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning.

Ekklesia has been described as a lot of things over the years; "Left-wing", "Right-Wing", "Liberal", "Evangelical", and Ruth Gledhill from the Times even described us as "influential" yesterday, which was very kind (thanks Ruth!).

Damien Thompson however reckons we are "dreary" which we all found very amusing.

We wondered why he feels the need to resort to name-calling, so we thought we would investigate. One theory is that this might be an attempt to be a bit controversial and drum up a some traffic to his blog. In the whole World Wide Web, and despite the fact his blog is hosted by the best-selling UK broadsheet, Damien's only has 174 links to it - according to the blog authority Technorati. (If you want to see how many Ekklesia has click here but at the last count it was 1,787).

So in the spirit of turning the other cheek we thought we would help him out and give him a link...(here)

Who knows, maybe we can help one another stop being so 'dreary' :)

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