Tracking the far right

By Simon Barrow
April 22, 2007

The progressive Asian blog Pickled Politics will be "running a regular series of information posts and articles on the BNP and their tactics in advance of the upcoming Local Elections in May", says founder Sunny Hundal.

He references the recent churches' briefing on racist candidates. (

Pickled Politics ( offers a fresh slant on a whole range of issues, including the relation of race and faith, a la the New Generation Network manifesto, which Ekklesia happily signed. Sunny also has a column on The Guardian's comment-is-free, which is well worth a look.


Note also some of our past news stories: BNP exploit racist fears and 'Christian country' claims; BNP helping to establish church group based around racial ideology; BNP claims many of its members are Christians; Bishop receives abuse after standing up to BNP; BNP seeks alliance with anti-abortion activists; BNP candidate suspended from Catholic school; Christian alliance with BNP criticised; Methodists challenge Christian group linked to BNP; BNP members involved in 'Christian' front.

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