Dinner with Cristina

By Jonathan Bartley
April 22, 2007

It seems that our link to Damian Thompson's blog has been working - he now has a few comments posted. He has also retracted his suggestion that we are "dreary", which is very decent of him.

Radio 4Sadly, he doesn't seem to have responded too well to a suggestion he might like to have some dinner with me. The invitation was extended by our mutual friend Cristina Odone (left) - keen to build bridges and promote a bit of peace and harmony. But from his blog postings, I am not sure that this is the kind of thing Damian is into.

Damian seems to think I am 'jolly cross' with him. "Jolly" - yes, "cross" - not at all! Do have a read of his latest blog entry. Like the last one, it made us all chuckle :)

It would be fascinating to find out why Damian thinks that our proposals about reviving the original story of St George and making St George's Day a national holiday are 'politically correct'. I would also be intrigued to know why he doesn't seem to think that people should have the choice to wear a white poppy (which he attributes to us but actually dates back to the 1920s). Even the British Legion say this is the kind of freedom our soldiers died to defend.

I don't think we have yet got to the bottom of why Ekklesia seems to have wound him up so much - but nor have we given up hope of taking him out and having a bite to eat with him. We'll keep plugging away (and agree with Cristina that dinner would be most entertaining!).

I gather from my cousin Andrew Brown whom Damian called today (he didn't realise we were related) that Damian was once involved in the Tory party. I would enjoy reminiscing with him about my own time working as part of John Major's team in the 1995 leadership election against John Redwood. I am having trouble working out though where in the party Damian would place himself. From his comments he doesn't seem at all libertarian. Neither does he seem a traditionalist. Maybe that's why he never made a career in politics?

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