Disappearing evangelical statements and the BNP

By Jonathan Bartley
April 25, 2007

On Monday we reported a bold press release that appeared briefly on the Evangelical Alliance web site, urging Christians to vote against the BNP. Their statement comes at a crucial time before the local elections when the BNP seem to be making a play for the Christian vote. The arguments made by some Christians about 'defending the Christian country' are also being echoed by the Far Right.

The press statement appeared for a few hours here and then vanished... Intriguing... We are trying to find out why this happened, as it doesn't seem a great way of mobilising Christians against the BNP.

The EA took us off their press release mailing list sometime ago (I don't think they liked the way we reported their news) so I haven't got the original press release to post here. But Christian Today also ran the story here.

Update 27th April: I got a really lovely email from the EA press office yesterday saying they were sorry we had slipped off their lists, and they have now reinstated us. I also met their new head of theology, Justin Thacker, who seems like a great guy. We still haven't had a formal response from EA about where the press release has gone, but we have asked for one.

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