Family, politics, violence and God

By Simon Barrow
April 27, 2007

There, I knew that headline was sure to grab somebody's attention. There are four new comment articles up right now...

Changes in family life need not threaten Christians
Deirdre Good
says that reflecting on Jesus' family values can help Christians understand a changing world where being single will be normal for longer periods of time and where more single women are heads of households.

Giving nonviolence a real chance
The quiet demise of mass nonviolent protests in Iraq is rarely mentioned by the media or analysts, says Tim Nafziger. How different could things have been if nonviolent demonstrations by Iraqis had been widely covered and taken seriously?

Why we need to rid ourselves of the 'god of the slots'
The church looking for ‘God slots’ in relation to culture is like religion seeking a ‘God of the gaps’ in relation to science: a huge mistake. The Gospel points us elsewhere, says Simon Barrow.

Is 'Christian nation' rhetoric aiding the far right?
The uncomfortable fact is that the church's Christendom ('Christian country') assumptions put it into the position of arguing the same political point about national identity as the BNP, argues Jonathan Bartley. A different way forward is needed.

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