A nice email from the BNP

By Simon Barrow
April 27, 2007

For an electoral outfit trying to convince the public it is modern and mainstream, the British National Party has great difficulty in not letting its mask slip.

Apparently its press officer, Phil Edwards, isn't too pleased at Ekklesia's coverage. But he doesn't seem to realise that sending an email using words like "deviant" and "scum" to describe others isn't too savvy, from a PR point of view.

There's also a rant about "homosexusals [sic] and lesbians ... immigrants and alien religions", plus an atrociously incoherent attempt to defend racism from the Bible (derived from the BNP's "Rev", Robert West).

Edwards has been reported as stating: “[W]hite people are more highly evolved than blacks”.

West, who apparently thinks racial mixing is "a transgression of God's will", has obscure religious credentials. The Times newspaper said he was an ordained elder of the Apostolic Church, which not only claims no knowledge of him but also repudiates his views and those of the BNP.

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