Concerns about Scottish Christian Party

By Simon Barrow
May 2, 2007

Following our report on the activities and ethos of the Scottish Christian Party and its analogue in Wales (, we have received several communications from concerned voters.

This one is typical, and worth relaying:

"I have been bombarded with emails daily [from the SCP] over the past couple of weeks. Each email has become more extreme. At the point where an email arrived implying that a vote for them was a vote for God and that anything else was a vote against God, I asked them to not send me anything else. I have been advising people against involvement with them as there is no place for this level of growing extremism in our churches. I look at Muslim extremists and I am beginning to find a mirrored extremism in the verbalizations of the Christian right. What concerns me most is that people will begin to believe that such extremists are representing all of us as Christians. They could not be further than the truth."

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