The Inaugural Conference of the Interreligious Fellowship for Animals (IRFA) - Living Adeventurously: Spirtual Perspectives on our Kinship with all Sentient Beings

Speakers on the day

Venerable Sister Susthama, for Buddhism
Father John Ryder, for Christianity
Jay Ashra B.A. (Hons.), for Hinduism
Mohammed Safa, for Islam
Nitin Mehta M.B.E., for Jainism
Andre Menache B.Sc. BVSc. MRCVS, for Judaism
Bhai Jagdeesh Singh, for Sikhism
Colleen McDuling, B.Sc. (Med.)(Hons.), M.Sc. (Med. Sc.), Animal Behaviourist, for Spiritualism

Chair: Jon Wynne-Tyson, writer and publisher, life member of QCA

A Sikh organisation will be launched at the event, named 'SARBAT DA BHALLA'. This is a daily Sikh spiritual affirmation, which means comprehensive wholesome respect, care and protection for the entirety of existence - animals, earth, human and beyond.

Entrance £5 - Light refreshments available
Friends’ House, Euston Road, London (opposite Euston Station)

Contacts: Rev. Feargus O’Connor, Golders Green Unitarians.
Marian Hussenbux, Clerk, Quaker Concern for Animals.