Crusades? No problem...

By Simon Barrow
July 24, 2007

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a Daily Telegraph writer is less than impressed with the notion that there could be a Christian problem with religious violence per se, not just Muslim versions of it.

Responding to my piece on 'Re-evangelising the religion of death' (, Damian Thompson (editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald, who is proud to inform his blog readers that The Church Times once described him as a "blood-crazed ferret") seems to think that the Crusades were mainly about nice Christians soldiers dealing with nasty Muslim occupiers. Plus he tries hard to read something pejorative into a pair of brackets. See:

Damian's main ire, however, appears to rest on his belief that "Ekklesia...want us to wear white poppies on Remembrance Sunday because red is frightfully militaristic." This is a rather careless caricature, as we have pointed out before. Actually we want churches to consider making white and red poppies available together, to encourage a recognition that the search for non-violent alternatives and a questioning of the myth of redemptive violence are legitimate ways of honouring those who died in war with the hope they would end it.

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