Helping to save Iraqi lives

By Simon Barrow
August 9, 2007

Irrespective of what we think of the presence of British troops in Iraq, the plight of those who have worked as translators and assistants is a matter of serious concern.

Journalist and commentator Sunny Hundal of the excellent Pickled Politics newsblog writes: "I recently wrote of a blog-campaign to petition the government to help save Iraqis who helped the British military. As with other bloggers, I believe it is our moral obligation to help those who are most likely to face reprisals from the Al-Qaeda insurgents. Yesterday the campaign became bigger, with The Times making it a front-page story. The BBC is now reporting that Gordon Brown has said he will look into [the matter]. Good, but not good enough. Dan Hardie wants people to post responses from their MPs, so we can list supporters of this campaign and those who don’t care. Chickyog has a list so far... Please sign the Petition if you haven’t already."

There's a YouTube campaign video here:

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