Why are fresh expressions of church emerging in Britain and several other western nations? Are these creative missional initiatives incarnating the church into post-modern and post-Christendom culture? Or are they self-indulgent distractions from the task of mission in contemporary culture?

What is church? What are the negotiables and non-negotiables of church? What can we learn from emerging churches and how can we participate in this conversation? This seminar offers an Anabaptist perspective and uses the lens of post-Christendom to investigate this phenomenon.

To lead us during this day of reflection on the emerging church, we are pleased to welcome back one of our most popular guest speakers, Stuart Murray-Williams, who has engaged widely with, and reflected carefully on, the emerging church.

Dr. Stuart Murray-Williams spent twelve years as an urban church planter in East London and continues to be involved in church planting as a trainer, mentor, strategist, and consultant, and as co-ordinator of Urban Expression. He is chair of the Anabaptist Network and the author of several books.

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