Church of England partners Energy Saving Week

By staff writers
October 23, 2007

The Church of England is backing the messages of the Energy Saving Trust as a partner in Energy Saving Week, which runs from 22 – 28 October.

The Church's own carbon-cutting campaign, Shrinking the Footprint, reflects its desire to take practical steps, as a large national organisation, to reduce carbon impact and promote greater ecological awareness among the wider community.

Dr Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, said: "Now is the time for individual and collective action in addressing the unsustainable way in which we are exploiting the earth's resources. Saving energy and cutting carbon emissions must be at the heart of this call to action.

"The Church of England accepts the need for change in its own life and that is why, as a first step, the Shrinking the Footprint campaign was launched. Our churches have a pivotal role to play in tackling the stark reality of climate change, whether it is through their own environmental initiatives or through their outreach to hundreds of thousands of people every week. We should be making our presence felt on the crucial issue of the environment.

"We are not masters and possessors of the earth but tenants and stewards. Together we have a responsibility to God, to future generations and our own well being on this earth to take action."

A recent survey, commissioned by the Church of England, asked members of the public whether they felt they could personally help to prevent human-induced climate change and, encouragingly, 64 per cent said they, personally, could do something about climate change and only 7 per cent felt they could do nothing at all.

The Church’s carbon cutting website Shrinking the Footprint, which carries material supporting Energy Saving Week, offers practical advice individuals can use both to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy consumption. This twin track approach offers a chance to promote ecological awareness and save money, which can then be used to support projects both at home and overseas.

Details of the Church’s ongoing carbon reduction/energy saving campaign, Shrinking the Footprint, can be found at:

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