An Anabaptist Network/Northumbria Community conference

The church in Britain (and much of western culture) is in exile, according to many commentators, aliens in a strange new world. What spiritual resources, patterns of community and ways of living do we need to sustain faith, inspire discipleship and energise mission?

We hear many stories of ‘emerging churches’ and ‘fresh expressions of church’, but Christians in many places are also rediscovering older forms of spirituality and discipleship. Some are drawing on the monastic traditions to find resources for a post-Christendom culture.

‘New monasticism’ is the term many are using to describe these attempts to re-work old rhythms, rules of life and liturgical resources in a new era. Is this a hopeful sign? Or is this ‘monastic-lite’, a fad that is unlikely to last? What does ‘new monasticism’ mean and what does it offer the church?

The Northumbria Community and the Anabaptist Network will be exploring ‘new monasticism’ in a day conference in Coventry on 3 May 2008. Through plenary sessions, discussion, worship, workshops and conversations with a wide range of resource people, we will assess its potential for the church in exile.

We have organised three conferences together before (all of them enjoyable and well attended) and we are looking forward to working together again. Anabaptism has been described as a ‘lay monastic movement’. The Northumbria Community draws on the Desert Fathers and Mothers and the Celtic monastic tradition. Both groups have links with emerging churches and with old and new monastic communities.

We invite you to join us, to share your experiences and questions and to learn from others. You can download and print off a booking form below.

The venue is Warwick Road United Reformed Church in Coventry, within walking distance of Coventry rail station (details will be sent on receipt of the booking form). The event will run from 10.00 to 5.00. The cost is £15 (£12 if unwaged). Hot drinks will be provided and participants can bring their own lunch or purchase it nearby.

We anticipate that this conference will be quite popular, so book early to ensure a place. If you plan to come by train, booking early will also enable you to get a good deal (

Warwick Road United Reformed Church, Coventry