Poverty Action Week will be a major opportunity to for local churches to discover and engage with poverty and social justice issues within their own communities.

They are hoping that up to 100 local churches or Churches Together groups, working in partnership with local projects, CABs and other agencies will organise a local Poverty Hearing or other hearing-style event – to hear the voices and stories of people experiencing poverty in their own towns and neighbourhoods.

To resource this process, we are planning to organise a series of local and regional training events across the UK during autumn 2007.

Why do it?

The success of Make Poverty History has highlighted the need for a domestic equivalent, to mobilise churches and wider civil society to put pressure on political leaders to commit to the goal of making UK poverty history.

Research by MORI has shown that public attitudes to UK poverty are mixed, but would support greater action to tackle poverty if the case was effectively made.

CAP’s survey at Greenbelt, revealed that whilst most churches are equally concerned about poverty in the developing world and on their own doorstep, only 12% currently actively campaign on issues affecting people in poverty in the UK

CAP’s Just Church programme is seeking to bring concerns for tackling UK poverty centre-stage in our Churches’ lives; to explore how we can be more Just Churches in our worship, our work with children, our personal lifestyles, our local communities and our wider political engagement (see over for more background information on the programme)

Could you host a training event next autumn?

Would you be interested in hosting a local or regional training workshop in autumn 2007, to help promote Just Church and Poverty Action Week within your area? At this stage we are only looking for initial expressions of interest. If you think you might be interested, please contact:

Niall Cooper, National Coordinator
Church Action on Poverty, Central Buildings, Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JQ; T: 0161 236 9321
E: niallc@church-poverty.org.uk
W: www.church-poverty.org.uk