The Interceders Conference will offer information and help on health and spiritual issues, providing the Church with an opportunity to make itself heard on the subject of HIV/AIDS.

Traditionally, there has been much controversy and embarrassment surrounding this disease and popular perception is that the Church is shying away from her responsibilities.

There is a desperate need for the Church to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and teach people the truth about a disease that is destroying the lives of millions. Not enough of us are talking about HIV/AIDS in our Churches, meaning that many followers remain misinformed and at risk.

Target Audience:
Organised by the Pentecostal Power Arena the conference is for people of all faiths and will involve leaders from many Churches and many professions. The conference will offer an opportunity for the involvement of pastors, doctors, teachers, lawyers, health professionals, community faith leaders, social workers, and African communities.

People living with HIV/AIDS will also be invited to share their experiences and knowledge, but the focus will be on faith leaders because they are key community figures, with the power to influence, help and encourage thousands. All are welcome,

Goals, Aims and Objective

Encourage faith leaders to raise awareness in their communities.
Promote openness to the many issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.
Discuss the importance of faithfulness, forgiveness, love and transparency.
Develop a strategic approach to HIV/AIDS within UK churches.
Discuss ways of reducing stigma associated with HIV and to reduce the prevalence of undiagnosed HIV.
Creating a partnership between healthcare professionals and faith leaders.
Review the health promotion work currently being delivered in the UK.
Tickets will be available for £10 each.

Emmanuel Centre
9-23 Marsham Street
London SW1P 3DW

For further details please call 0800 556 955 for more details, or visit